Crunchy Keto Casar Salad by KetoJam Low Carb

Crunchy Keto Caesar Salad

This is one of my absolute favorite Keto meals -- it is quick to make, requires no cooking, and it tastes delicious! Many people think that regular Caesar Salad is already keto-friendly, and it often is... but those tasty croutons...
Beef Salad 2

Seared Beef Salad

A ketogenic version of the south east asian classic Thai Beef Salad, this recipe is sweet, salty, sour and packed full of umami.  While this spicy salad may be low on carbs, it's high on flavor and surprisingly easy to...
ThaiChickenBowl 5

Low-Carb Thai Chicken Bowl

This Thai inspired bowl is filled with amazing flavors, and its really easy to prepare -- just requires a single pan!  It’s a spicy recipe, but you can adjust the level of curry to your liking. Prepare and eat right...
Pork Cabbage 4

Easy Keto Pork and Cabbage Casserole

This recipe allows you to have a good conversation while the magic happens in the oven. You just need to cut everything, place in a casserole and the oven does the rest for you! It’s better to consume right away,...
Parmesan 1

Keto Parmesan Broccoli Soup

This soup is delicious and creamy, with the unique flavor of the broccoli and parmesan combination.  You can have it for lunch, store some in the fridge, reheat and have more for dinner at evening.  Feel free to make experiments...
Mexican Bowl 1

Simple Low-Carb Taco Bowl

Looking for a Keto-friendly Taco Tuesday recipe? We’ve taken the inside of the taco and used it as the inspiration behind this bowl. You can prepare the beef in advance and assemble the bowl when desired. Don’t forget to adjust...
Marinara Chicken 1

Easy Keto Marinara Chicken

This Marinara chicken is a food you will want to have enough time to enjoy. The fresh herbs, gooey mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce over the chicken makes for a delicious combination. Amazing for dinner and leftovers just as tasty...
Zoodles 1

Parmesan Garlic Keto-Friendly Zoodles

Think you're going to miss good Italian flavors while eating Keto?  Fear not!  Enjoy the same flavors, but without the carbs.  These noodles are the perfect style of comfort food that you are looking for, while still maintaining your Ketogenic...
Patty 1

Chicken and Bacon Patties

These chicken patties are practical and really easy to make!  And did we mention they have bacon?  You can play around by using different herbs and spices in the ground chicken and assemble a charming plate.  Place the cheese in...
Brazilian 1

Low-Carb Brazilian “Escondidinho”

Impress your guests with this traditional Brazilian comfort food!  “Escondidinho” is a traditional Brazilian dish that has the main ingredient hidden by a creamy puree.  It is very similar to a "Shepherd's Pie", and the main ingredient is usually cassava...


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