Here at KetoJam we talk about weight-loss, diet, and exercise strategies that have worked for us on our own weight-loss journeys.  We try our best to bring up-to-date science-based information to our readers, without overstating claims or results.  However, the content of this website is not intended as medical advice.  Nobody at KetoJam is a medical doctor, nor do they play one on the internet.

Any significant changes to your diet and exercise routines should be discussed with your doctor before starting.  If you have any existing medical condition (including, but not limited to diabetes, heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol) you should review changes to your diet and exercise with a licensed medical provider.

The claims made on this website are based on individual experiences of the authors, and similar results should not be expected for everyone.  While these claims and results are real for the authors, everyone’s body, metabolism, and dietary needs are different, and as such, different health, fitness, and dietary regimens may be better for different people.

If you try things that we talk about here at KetoJam and they give you problems, then please go back to what was working for you before.  Listen to your own body and do what you think is right.

– Mark & the KetoJam team