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Keto Cheat Day

Keto Cheat Day: Can You? Should You? Maybe Try This Instead

I get this question A LOT: Can I (or should I) have a cheat day on the Ketogenic Diet?  What about a cheat meal? Well, if you’ve read my KetoJam…

Quinoa Keto Diet

Quinoa Was Killing Me: The Importance of Fixing Our Biggest Problem First

It was late afternoon on a Thursday in sunny Palo Alto, California.  I was leaving my doctor’s office, pondering what he had told me just a few minutes earlier. I…

Keto Diet Confusing Made Simple

Why Is Keto So Confusing? 4 Reasons Why, and 3 Things You Can Do

The #1 thing I hear from beginners to the Ketogenic Diet is how complicated, confusing and overwhelming it is. I hear things like: “There’s so much conflicting information!” “How can…

Low-Carb and Keto Travel Tips

Keto Travel Tips: 13 Things I Learned Losing 200 Pounds Over 5 Years and One Million Miles

Uggghh… travel. Sometimes it’s a special vacation to some exotic destination.  Other times its a last-minute business trip across the country to meet with an new customer or boss.  Or…

no cook keto diet

My “No Cook” Keto Diet Shopping List

When starting a Ketogenic diet, many people get frustrated, confused, or overwhelmed at the thought of having to learn all new recipes to cook.  They end up searching around at…

Get back on the Keto Wagon

Fall off the Keto wagon? Follow these 8 steps to recover ASAP.

So you’ve been following Keto, but then, for some reason, you fall off the wagon and eat some carbs. Maybe it was some special event. Maybe the holidays. Maybe a…


Recommended Keto Books

There are LOTS of books out there about the Ketogenic Diet — some good, some bad, some horrible.  But there are some great ones, too, written by people who really…

personal trainer keto weight loss

Why Personal Training Does NOT Work

I’m writing this post in mid-January, right about when most people are giving up on their New Year Resolutions.  Are you one of them? Sure, you wanted to make some…

Keto Snacking Success

7 Rules for Keto Snacking Success

Snacking while on a “diet” is a very controversial thing. Many people think its the work of the devil, while others can’t get through a day without it. Obviously, snacking…

Ketone Supplements: Good, Bad, or Ugly?

It seems like there’s a new Keto-This or Keto-That supplement on the market every day.  Or maybe 100 new ones per day. As the ketogenic diet grows in popularity, so…


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