Keto Coaching Programs

Practical, actionable help from someone who's been there, done that.


"I'm committed to change, but I'm so frustrated, confused, and just too busy"

Don't worry... you're not alone.

The Ketogenic Diet, and weight-loss in general, is a daunting, challenging thing to do.  For many of us, the hardest thing we'll ever do because it requires such effort for such an extended period of time.

So many people start, or WANT to start, but get overwhelmed and just give up after a couple days.  After all, we have lives to live!

Other people get going for a while, but then run into roadblocks along the way, don't know what to do, and "throw out the baby with the bathwater" and go back to the same old, same old.

These are the things I hear from people all the time:

  • I know what to eat, but I don't know how much?
  • Should I only eat when I'm hungry, or should I force myself to "hit my macros"?
  • How do I explain this to my family / significant other / friends?
  • What are all these supplements people are trying to sell me?
  • What's all the crazy stuff people are putting in their coffee?  Do I need to do that?
  • How do I know if I'm in Ketosis?
  • Do I need to exercise?  How? 
  • What's with all these recipes?  I don't have time to cook!
  • Can I eat [insert any food here... I've heard them all]?

Relax, I'm here to help.

Mark Keto Coach

Hi, I'm Mark

I battled with my weight my entire life, eventually growing to 405 pounds while I focused only on my career, not my health.

But with a combination of the Ketogenic Diet, a change in my mindset, and some basic exercise, I finally changed my life.

I've lost over 200 pounds, and now I help people like you to reach their own goals.

Back in 2013, I started a long journey of change...

There were lots of ups and downs.  I learned as I went, often through trial and error. 

I fought through stalls, plateaus, holiday challenges, the "Keto Flu," a hectic international travel schedule, business dinners, and even gave up hope at times. 

I tried cooking all sorts of Keto recipes, got Keto food delivered, and even paid a chef to cook for me.

I hired multiple personal trainers, joined multiple gyms, and bought lots of exercise equipment, spending thousands of dollars.

I tried it all.  Some of it worked, and some didn't.

I had some supporters, but I had lots of doubters too.  So much so that I became doubtful myself many times.

The ONE thing I WISH I had was a coach to guide me.  Not some Personal Trainer who has been fit their whole life, but someone who knows the struggle -- someone who has "been there, done that." 

Someone who can support me, call me on my own BS, and guide me through the process -- including the all the MENTAL challenges and roadblocks I encountered.

That's why I decided to start sharing my story and coaching others.  I want to be the coach that I wish I had.

Keto Coaching Mark Before After

KetoJam Coaching Programs

I offer multiple coaching programs so you can find one that best fits your needs.  Not all of them are for everyone.

And because I'm serious about my client's success, I only work with people who are serious about their own success.  Or at least willing to be serious.

All coaching is paid on a monthly basis, and you can stop anytime.  In fact, I expect that you WILL stop at some point... after all, we're going to hit your goals, aren't we? 

Click "APPLY NOW" and fill out a super quick form, just so I can make sure we're a good fit.

Email Coaching

  • New Client Intake Assessment where we review your goals, motivations, past experience with weight-loss and the Ketogenic Diet, and eating habits.
  • Unlimited one-on-one email support with 24-hour response time
  • Help with what to eat and how much, including recipe recommendations and meal ideas
  • Help with exercise, mindset, and motivation
  • Practical and actionable guidance from someone who's been in your shoes.
  • Paid monthly, cancel anytime.

$97 USD per month

Phone + Email Coaching

  • New Client Intake Assessment where we review your goals, motivations, past experience with weight-loss and the Ketogenic Diet, and eating habits.
  • One monthly phone call to discuss your questions and review progress in real-time
  • Unlimited one-on-one email support with 24-hour response time
  • Help with what to eat and how much, including recipe recommendations and meal ideas
  • Help with exercise, mindset, and motivation
  • Practical and actionable guidance from someone who's been in your shoes.
  • Paid monthly, cancel anytime.

$187 USD per month

Executive Weight-Loss Coaching

This is a customized program for select clients who need extra schedule flexibility, close personal support, and round-the-clock access to me to ensure they meet their goals.

In my life as a technology executive, I know the extra demands that executives face when trying to lose weight.  Crazy schedules, business dinners, the stress of travel... I've been through it.

Options in this plan include:

  • Extended availability for private coaching calls, including short-notice.
  • One-on-one instant messaging and SMS support with fast response.
  • Customized exercise and eating plans to meet your specific needs.
  • Concierge food ordering and meal planning.
  • Whatever it takes to hit your goals.

Starting at $497 USD per month

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be my coach?

I (Mark) will be your coach!  I'll be answering your emails myself, sharing my own tips, tricks, and experience, and helping you overcome the same challenges that I faced.

I may bring on other coaches later (I have very high standards) but if you start working with me, I'll continue to be your coach indefinitely.

How will we communicate?

We'll communicate by email.  I'll give you a special email address I only use with my coaching clients, and that I check regularly.  You can email me anytime, and I'll reply within 24 hours.

If you sign up for the email + phone coaching, I'll also give you a simple link to pick a time on my calendar that fits your schedule each month.  You can bookmark the link and go there to schedule your call up to a month in advance.  Super easy.

If you sign up for the Executive Coaching Program, I'll also give you my personal cell phone number so you can reach me anytime you need me, by call or SMS.

How often can I contact you?

You can email me as often as you'd like, even multiple times a day.  Have a question pop into your head while you're at the grocery store?  Just shoot me an email from your phone. 

I commit to respond within 24 hours, barring any extenuating circumstances, and I'm usually faster than that.  

Is it worth the money?

Well, of course it is.  Actually, its quite a bargain when you compare it to other "coaching" type programs that supposedly help you get in shape.

For example, if you hire a personal trainer at a gym, that will usually cost you anywhere from $60-$150 per session.  If you see that trainer only twice per week, you're going to be paying around $800 per month... just to have the trainer watch you work out!?!  I've tried this... and it didn't help me lose weight.

I focus on giving you actionable strategies for what to eat, how much to eat, and more importantly, the MINDSET of how to be successful with the Ketogenic Diet.  Most trainers don't do this.

What will we talk about? What will you help me with?

Everyone has different challenges, so I don't focus on the same things with everyone.  That's the great thing about one-on-one coaching.  We customize it to what YOU need.

Maybe you're brand new to Keto and need someone to explain the basics and the science -- I can certainly help with that.... and explain things in plain English.

Maybe you already know all the basics of Keto, but you need help with the mindset and overcoming your food addictions.  I've been through that too, so we can focus on that.

Here are some other things I work with people on:

  • Figuring out how MUCH to eat -- how many calories, your macro splits, etc.
  • Busting through plateaus
  • Working in exercise that you'll actually do, with specific recommendations
  • How to build meal-prep and eating habits into your daily schedule
  • Staying on Keto while traveling or attending special events
  • Food and recipe ideas
  • How to stay motivated -- including some of my special tricks and hacks
  • ... and lots more
I've seen other Keto coaching programs... what makes you different?

I'm aware of other Keto coaches out there as well -- and I think some of them are decent, and some are, well, not decent.  

Here's what sets me apart from many others:

  • I'm practical and flexible.  I'm not some crazy person who has strict rules that everyone MUST follow under all circumstances.  Of course we want to get the basics right, but I also understand that people have other challenges in life that make Keto hard (travel, non-Keto family members, work schedules, etc.) and I work with you to make a plan that takes those things into account.
  • I've done it myself, so I can relate.  I hate seeing all the personal trainers out there preaching from their soap boxes.  The vast majority of them have been fit their entire lives, and they really don't know the real struggle that most of us go through to manage our weight.  I'm not one of them.  I can relate to your struggle, your food addictions, your compulsive eating, your "OMG, those donuts look so yummy", and help you through it.
  • I focus on HOW more that WHAT.  Giving you a list of foods to eat is easy.  I'll do that.  But if losing weight was that easy, well, you probably wouldn't be reading this right now.  Figuring out the MENTAL side of Keto and losing weight is the real challenge, and I honestly think this is where I excel.  I'll share with you my tips and tricks that made all the difference for me personally.
  • I'm a fan of no-cook, or easy-cook foods, and I work well with similar people.  If you're looking for a coach who will help you cook super fancy gourmet Keto-friendly meals, I'm not the best fit for you.  I like to cook, but I just don't have the time.  Instead, I have mastered how to stay on the Ketogenic Diet without doing much cooking, while traveling a lot, and while maintaining a very busy schedule.  And I can help you do the same.
Do I need to make a commitment for multiple months?

No.  You pay month-to-month, and only continue if you're happy with our progress.  I get the opportunity to earn your trust every month.  If you don't like it, you can cancel and not make any future payments.

How many months will this take?

We can work together for one month, or forever.  (OK, probably not forever.)

Honestly, it's my goal to help YOU hit YOUR goals as soon as possible.  And often, my coaching clients don't need my help forever.  They may only need my help for a few months until they figure things out, develop some good habits, and can then continue on their own.  

I recommend that most people plan to spend at least 3 months working with me -- that gives me enough time to get to know you, know your challenges, and work with you to implement a plan and see results.

Is this safe? Are you a doctor?

Well, I'm not a doctor, nor do I pretend to be one on the internet.

But I AM someone who has been through your same struggle, and have been following the Ketogenic Diet for over 5 years, losing over 200 pounds in the process.  So honestly, I'd like to think I have a lot more practical experience than a doctor or personal trainer when it comes to making Keto work.

The Ketogenic Diet has been around for a very long time, actually, and it is very safe for most people.  However, if you have concerns, I do suggest discussing it with your doctor first and see what they say.

How do I pay? Do you accept credit cards?

Yup, the payment system is super easy and very secure.  We process all payments through Stripe (the #1 credit card processing system on the internet these days), and I actually don't see your credit card number -- Stripe handles all of that.  

You'll enter your credit card when you sign up, then I'll bill you at the start of each month.  If you want to change your payment info, there is an easy link to do that.

Everything is safe, secure, and simple.

Is there a meal plan that comes with this?

I don't have a standard meal plan that I give to my coaching clients, simply because most of them don't need one.  But don't worry, I'll still help you figure out how much to eat, what to eat, and when to eat.  It will just be more customized to you.  I gladly share specific recipes with you -- some of them my own recipes, and some recipes from other places that I trust and like.

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